Affiliate Profits Guide
7 Ways To Profit From The Program And Optimize Your Affiliate Sales
 #1 Promote On Social Media
Promoting Effic through social media is one of the most effective ways, especially with the Effic Planner.

Here are the tactics that work best:

A. Photos & Videos of the Effic Planner on Facebook or Instagram
Many ambassadors are hugely successful in sharing the Effic Planner on their professional or personal Facebook pages. The same goes for Instagram. Share how you use it or post inspiring photos in which you can see the Effic Planner.

B. Talk about it on Youtube
Using Youtube is an excellent promotional method. A simple review of the Done By Noon Book or Effic Planner can be very effective. You can also use this method on Facebook.

C. Featured on Snapchat or InstaStory or Facebook Live
If you use these features or applications, you can recurrently showcase the Effic Planner. It is an easy strategy that is very effective if you have "fans" following you.

Here are a few samples from our affiliates who successfully use social media:
 #2 Email Marketing
We have Done-For-You emails to copy and paste and send to your mailing list. These emails will help you to easily promote our funnels to your list while offering valuable content. You can find them in the Marketing Material section.

We also invite you to add them to your autoresponder (your automatic email campaign via MailChimp, Aweber, etc ...). This will ensure a steady stream of traffic to the Effic offers and automatic commissions for you.
 #3 Interview Dave Ruel for Your Podcast/Channel
If you have a Channel or a Podcast and want to post content that correlates with the teachings of Effic, interviewing Dave can be an easy and effective way to promote. We can even set you up with a Custom Coupon Code (that also tracks commissions) specifically for your show.

If you want to do an interview with Dave and set up personalized material
you can join him directly via email at
 #4 Get A Custom Coupon Code
As an affiliate, you can request a custom COUPON CODE that will offer a discount in the form of a % or $ amount. This coupon code, in addition of being a sales boosting conversion tool, will track your commissions. Ask your Affiliate Success Manager for yours.
 #5 Put Banners On Your Blog or Website
Adding a banner to your site or blog is a simple strategy for generating sales. Simply add one of our banners to the sidebar of your site / blog or add them to your articles and publications.

We have many options and sizes available in the "Marketing Resources" section

If you have a site or blog and want to post content that correlates with the teachings of Effic, we have prepared articles for you. You just have to copy and paste. You can also use the available images and banners add to the promotion.
 #6 Request a Custom Promotion for your audience*
1. Offer a Free Training to your audience: Invite Dave Ruel to train your audience for FREE and get paid to do so! Perfect if you are a coach, trainer, influencer, network marketing leader.

2. Custom Funnel: If you have an email list or a social media following of more than 10,000 subscribers and you would like to discuss getting a custom funnel built for you so it's in perfect alignment with your message and your audience, please contact us directly. We are always happy to work with affiliates to develop custom tailored pages.

*Only available for qualified audience. Ask your Affiliate Success Manager to see of you qualify.
 #7 Become A Reseller
If you have coaching clients, host events & workshops or have a physical point of sale, you can inquire about our wholesale program and become an official reseller. Indeed, we have a wholesale sales program for those who want to physically sell the Effic Planner and Done By Noon book. To become a reseller, you can send us an email at

Here is the wholesale price list for you to download:

 Pick Your Marketing Material

 Earn Up To $87 Per Referral

Free Book Funnel! An extremely high converting funnel! Send your leads to a free book and we do the selling for you. 

Promote and talk about your favourite planner and earn commission. The easiest sale you'll ever make.
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Contact Joey, our Affiliate Success Manager:
/effic/ (adj.) short for efficient. Effic helps online entrepreneurs and small businesses become more efficient and effective by employing better, smarter, simpler working methods & systems.